Meerkat Encounter Workshop Year 1


Year 1 Tuesday 16th January 2018


To support our learning challenges ‘How can we keep the Meerkat dry?’, and ‘Why can’t Meerkats live at the North Pole?’, as well as our English work based on the book ‘Meerkat Mail, children in Year 1 will be taking part in an exciting workshop next week where they will get the chance to meet some real life meerkats. It will be a wonderful ‘WOW’ experience for the children, where they will begin their learning journey about meerkats. The workshop will inspire and inform our learning for the rest of this term.

 Specialist company ‘Reptile Life’, who are accredited members of the Guild of Animal Professionals, will lead the day. As well as meerkats, they will be bringing in a whole selection of animals from invertebrates like spiders and millipedes, reptiles like snakes, lizards and tortoises, as well as skunks and other mammals. Each class will spend half a day with the animals and the experience will be hands-on and interactive, designed to stimulate, build curiosity and encourage a love of the natural world. The children will remain in school, wear school uniform and have their usual lunchtime routine.

The cost of the day is £7.00. We are asking for a voluntary contribution of this amount for each child to cover the cost of this special event. Please pay via Parentpay or send a cheque with the slip below in a sealed envelope by Monday 15th January.