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Learning Challenge Curriculum

Spring 2

 What has changed since our grandparents were young?

Year 1 will be investigating how much life has changed since their grandparents went to school. We will be thinking about and discussing the following questions:

 What has changed?

 What was it like when…?

Why do you think this toy has changed?

 Do you think it is better now or was it better long ago?


How can we keep the meerkat dry?

Year 1 will be continuing to investigate a range of materials; distinguishing between an object and the material from which it is made and comparing everyday materials. They will be trying to answer the following questions using their enquiry and investigation skills:

Can we make a shelter out of either paper, sticks or Lego for Sunny the meerkat?

Can we name everyday materials?

Can we compare and group everyday materials by thinking about how they behave?


Calling all volunteers!

Last year the children enjoyed and greatly benefitted from numerous parent volunteers who supported our curriculum themes, reading and invaluable school trips. This is a real strength of our school, and one which we are very keen to continue!  Please do get in touch if you think you can help in any way.


Phonics Screening Check

All children in Year 1 are required to complete a phonics screening check. It is not a formal test and your child will probably not even realise that it is one. We aim to keep it short and fun and usually find that the children enjoy spending time playing the word ‘games’ with their teacher. Attached is an information sheet about how and when the check will be administered. For further information, please click here

Information about how we complete the check at Burley Oaks can be found here.