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Learning Challenge Curriculum

Which Ilkley would you rather live in?

Having developed an understanding of our place in the world and where we are on the map, we will be continuing our topic, comparing our local area with Ilkley in Queensland, Australia. We have recently been thinking about where we are proud of in Yorkshire and we are looking forward to hearing back from our friends in Queensland about their local area. As part of our learning we will be trying to answer these questions:

 What is the Great Barrier Reef?

 What is the climate like in Ilkley, Australia?

 How are the two landscapes different?

 Which animals would you find living in the wild in Australia?

What would your school day be like if you lived in Australia?

Science – What’s the point of a hedge?

Year 2 will be recognising and comparing different habitats. We will be thinking about why these habitats are suitable for the animals that live there and what they eat. We will be learning about the life cycles of some of the animals we might find in our local area. We will explore the following questions using our enquiry skills:

 What is a habitat?

 What type of animal might live in this habitat and why?

 What is a food chain?


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Calling all volunteers!

Last year the children enjoyed and greatly benefited from numerous parent volunteers who supported our curriculum themes, reading and invaluable school trips. This is a real strength of our school, and one which we are very keen to continue!  Please do get in touch if you think you can help in any way.