Year 5 Virtual Reality Experience on Monday 29 November - Outer Space

As part of our Science learning about Space, Year 5 will be visited in school by a company called PrimeVR who will take them to outer space through a virtual reality experience.


VR gives pupils a different perspective. Not only does it help to inspire creativity but it also gives pupils the chance to develop their knowledge. Each session will be led by a PrimeVR team member who will be sharing facts and asking questions. This is an interactive session and pupils will be encouraged to discuss what they’ve seen, ask questions and be curious!


During this experience our children will become virtual astronauts as they blast off into space to investigate our Solar System. Children will learn all about the different planets in our Solar System and will work in groups to guess some of space's greatest facts! After becoming experts on the planets in our Solar System, children will be transported to see the Milky Way from outer space. It's often quite difficult for pupils to understand how vast space is. This journey into space puts Earth into perspective by answering questions which are astronomical in size such as 'How big is the sun in comparison to Earth?' 'How many stars are there in our galaxy?' and 'Are there any other galaxies like ours out there?' 'Outer Space' is a PrimeVR favourite and is a great workshop for any class learning about space.


For this experience, we are asking for a voluntary contribution of £3.20 per child to cover the cost of the experience. Please consent and pay via Parentpay by Friday 12th November 2021. Please note: it is recommended that children with epilepsy or children who are prone to seizures consult with their doctor before using a VR headset. If your son/daughter has epilepsy or is prone to seizures, please inform the school office and have a conversation with your child’s class teacher.