Year 6 Wild Intervention In- School Residential- Thursday 22 July to Friday 23 July2021

Since returning back to school, plans have been underway to start arranging the celebrations for our Year 6 children who definitely deserve a fabulous send off after such a turbulent 18 months! All of our usual trips and celebration arrangements have had to be cancelled but we have one very exciting event we would like to share with you now. We want to give the year 6 children the best final week we can. We have a lovely final day arranged with numerous activities BUT the best is the in-school residential we have been very lucky to book!

 What is it all about?

Wild Interventions are the company who are going to come and run the event alongside Burley Oaks staff. The leader is ex-navy and is very excited about working with the year 6 children. The children will sleep in very large bell tents on the school field in groups, along with Burley Oaks staff and Wild Intervention Staff who will be in their own ‘staff tents’. The children will be set a range of activities to enjoy but also challenge and develop their leadership skills ready for year 7: these will be kept a secret until the day of the residential!

 How will the event run?

Your child will already be at school and from 2pm on Thursday 22nd July, will officially begin their residential! The children will be set activities, light the campfire, enjoy a BBQ dinner and then participate in more activities. Lights out will be by 9pm. On Friday 23rd July, the children will wake, cook and eat breakfast with the team, complete more activities and then help tidy everything away. They will then be handed back over to Burley Oaks staff in the classroom from around 10am. From here, they will begin their official Burley Oaks celebrations for the rest of the day.

 Will my child be safe on the field?

Absolutely! The school site is secure and Wild Intervention have a member of the team who are night staff, just as we would have at the normal residential, who will patrol the site. We will also have Burley Oaks members of staff present at all times.

 What will my child need?

There is a kit list to the right, which your child will need. This can be brought to school on the Thursday and kept in their classroom. Whatever the weather, the children will be completing the activities so need to be prepared! Children will be expected to come to school, on the Thursday, in clothes ready to begin their tasks.

 To begin the preparations for this, we need your consent, payment and the attached permission slip completing.

Please pay and consent via Parentpay, the cost is £31, which includes the cost of the residential, food and insurance, this requires paying for by Friday 28 May 2021.

 We are really excited to be able to provide this opportunity for the year 6 children: they have worked so hard all year. If anyone has any questions, then please get in touch with your child’s class teacher via email or call the office.

 Kind regards

 Mrs Rachael Cromack

Year 6 Teacher

Year 5/6 Coordinator





 Year 6 Wild Intervention In-School Residential

Thursday 22nd July – Friday 23rd July



 I give/do not give permission for my child to attend the in-school residential.



Child’s Name: __________________________________________Class______________


Any allergies:____________________________________________________________


Dietary Needs: __________________________________________________________


Permission for video / photos to be taken by Wild Intervention:  Yes or No


Permission for media to be used on Wild Intervention’s social channels and or website: Yes or No


Any other notes we need to be aware of:_____________________________________







Signed by parent/carer ___________________________________date____________