At Burley Oaks we aim to develop motivated, creative and resilient mathematicians who can confidently apply what they learn. Most of all, we want children to enjoy maths and to get excited about the challenges the subject can bring. Maths is about learning new skills and practising these to become fluent so as to be able to apply them in real life situations. It is important to us that children see the relevance of maths and why it is needed in life. We set our children’s learning in context by making the links to real life, and across the curriculum, giving their learning worth. 

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PDF icon Mathematics Policy

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To find out more about how we teach maths in school, please click on the links below to access the information presented. 

PDF icon How we teach maths in Year 1

PDF icon How we teach maths in Year 2

PDF icon How we teach maths in Year 3/4

PDF icon How we teach maths in Year 5/6

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