Mental Health

We don't wait until our children's teeth are falling out to educate them on how to look after their dental health, and, at Burley Oaks, we believe we should be just as proactive with our school curriculum in order to learn about mental health and wellbeing from a young age in a well sequenced and age appropriate way. 

Our unique and diverse curriculum offer supports all children to understand that wellbeing is key to living a happy and successful life. 

Wellbeing Wednesday

A weekly focus topic keeps issues we may face prevalent and keeps children thinking about keeping our team healthy. See the Instagram or Twitter feed for updates.   

You might want to follow our Mental Health Champion's (Mrs Walker) blog for further ideas and support. 

Youth in Mind are providing wellbeing webinars to different year groups on a Wednesday, providing support for self esteem, confidence, resilience, friendships, growth, anger management, stress etc. 


Working with Jenby's in Schools helps us provide a unique preventative package which allows us to better equip children throughout their primary years and beyond! 

Jenby's was established in 2016 by Dr Natalie Jewitt, a chartered clinical psychologist who specialises in children's emotional and mental health.  

The Jenby's in Schools project is a whole school approach to promoting and improving children's emotional and mental health.  We do this through whole school staff training and a bespoke curriculum which focuses on  being healthy in every aspect. Children need to know that our feelings and worries are 'normal' and as a result know how to manage them. The Jenby's in Schools project creates a powerful platform for us to  empower the next generation with the knowledge, understanding and tools to look after their mental health.

We benefit from continued supervision of three, fully trained group facilitators who provide the sessions to children throughout the year. There is such a buzz from the children about the sessions delivered so far which have focused on: Big Emotions and Managing Anxiety. Children have even signed themselves up to the programme because they have heard such good things. 

Pre and post assessments are completed by the group facilitators for each group of children to examine the impact. In addition to this, each child is asked for their feedback as well as their parent/carer who completes a questionnaire. For the last group we ran, the results speak for themselves:

Parent / Carer Online Workshops

Parent/carer involvement is crucial to the success of the Jenby's in Schools project. We have worked hard to ensure parents/carers can play an active role in their child's experience of attending a Jenby's in Schools group. A series of online parental workshops are available  to access free of charge throughout the involvement in a Jenby's in Schools group. We provide a link to access these workshops.

If you would like to know more about the project, please speak to your child's class teacher or
follow the link to the Jenby's page.