Celebrating Achievement

Belong, Believe, Achieve - our school motto is at the centre of everything we do at Burley Oaks. Belonging and being a part of our community, affects our confidence and impacts on our self-belief which in turn impacts on our successes and achievements. These three words are extremely important to our school community and drive us along our learning journey. Our motto therefore reinforces how important our celebrations of achievement are. At Burley Oaks, we recognise when children have worked hard and overcome challenge and we celebrate - as a community - these moments of joy and brilliance: sometimes they are small, sometimes they are large and sometimes they are a pivotal point in a child's journey as they feel that sense of pride and accomplishment.

Please explore the links below to recognise children's hard work and achievements and share with us their moments of joy, happiness and pride.

Whilst we can't sing as we normally would, we can RAP. See our competition entry below celebrating Yorkshire and diversity. 


Achievement Assembly:

13th November 2020

Achievement Assembly: 6th November 2020




Reader of the Month:


Achievement Assembly:

20th November 2020




    Reader of the Month: November





Achievement Assembly:

27th November 2020

Achievement Assembly:

4th December 2020