Paul Scott, An Assessor from the South West Grid for Learning, recently visited Burley Oaks Primary School to review the school’s e-safety provision. The Assessor met school staff, parents and carers, Governors and pupils and was  pleased to find that the school provides a high level of protection for users of the new technologies.

The assessment for the E-Safety Mark does not focus on the individual aspects of e-safety such as technological solutions, but instead it integrates e-safety into school policy and the curriculum, challenging teachers and managers in the school to think about their provision and its continual evolution.

Schools are expected to show that they have provided a high standard of e-safety education and awareness for all staff , students / pupils and also for parents and carers, to ensure that these users of the new technologies can be safe online – whether they are in school, in their homes or out and about using mobile phones or other handheld devices. 

Following their visit the Assessor reported that they would recommend Burley Oaks Primary School as an exemplar for e-safety with reference to the way incidents are logged, managed and responded to.

Ron Richards, Lead Assessor for the 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark congratulated the school on its success and commented that it was re-assuring to know that the school had put a lot of thought and effort into improving the on-line  safety of the staff and young people, by addressing these important safeguarding issues.