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 Autumn Term Learning Challenge Curriculum

Why do so many people choose to go to the Mediterranean for their holidays?

 A geography based theme which compares the similarities and differences of our local area and the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. We will explore:

  • How to use maps and atlases
  • Human and physical geographical features
  • Climate zones
  • Abstract art through the work of Dali and Miro
  • Food preparation

To start this topic, we will have a WOW day in school on Friday 7th September when children will wear their holiday clothes. For this we will transport children to the Mediterranean - tasting Mediterranean food, creating weather forecasts and painting. It will be a fun day packed with practical and exciting learning.


Year 4 will answer the question ‘Can you live without electricity?’ a topic in which they will be investigating how electricity is made whilst also developing an understanding of:

  • How to make and draw electrical circuits including how a switch works
  • Which materials are insulators and which are conductors and why certain materials are chosen for specific purposes
  • The importance of renewable sources of energy, how they work and their effect on the environment
  • How to carry out a fair test


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Homework and Reading


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There is an expectation that your child completes at least three twenty minute reading sessions a week at home. This can be independent, reading to an adult, on Bug Club or a mixture of reading and book discussion with an adult.

In addition to this, the children will know from their maths lessons which times table they need to practise and they need to do this at home twice a week. For the completion of the above tasks, children will be awarded three stars.

A link for homework for this half term may be found above. The tasks are purposefully simplistic to allow the children to direct their own learning and whilst parental support is encouraged, the work must be completed by the child.  Please do not feel that you should go to extra effort or spend hours on these tasks; the children can complete as much or as little work on the chosen topic as they would like to do. We would like to ensure they enjoy these tasks and learn something new!

The homework diary can also be used as a means of communication between yourself and your child's teachers. Teachers will sign diaries every week and we ask that you also sign the diary weekly.