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Year 5 and 6 Curriculum 

Theme-Led Curriculum: ‘WW2’

Our first theme-led learning will be about WW2. We will be exploring three key areas:
Evacuation; The Blitz; Remembrance

With each area, we will be learning to be a better historian by improving our knowledge of the chronology of British history and developing our historical enquiry skills by creating questions and understanding events through the use of a range of resources and sources. We will be visited by Murton Park, who will be working with the children to investigate life as an evacuee. At the end of the unit of learning, we will be having a WOW day to celebrate VE day.


Year 5, this half term will be learning about space and go on to explore: ‘Could you be the next CSI investigator?’. The unit will involve developing our investigational skills to find out about properties of materials (hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity and response to magnets). We will also investigate reversible and irreversible changes (dissolving, evaporating and filtering).

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All of the children in Year 5 and 6 will be given English and Maths homework weekly. This will include a variety of tasks, including spellings, to encourage the children to continue their learning at home. Children will be expected to complete at least three 20 minute readings per week; these must be signed by an adult at home to collect their stars.