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Year 5 and 6 Curriculum

Learning Challenge Curriculum - ‘What’s the Buzz?’

This half term we will be looking at how we can reduce our use of plastic and reduce the amount of plastic we are purchasing at school as well as at home. Some of the work has begun already into what we are already doing or have in school and the ‘plastic crew’, now known as the Plastic Extinction Service (PES), have been working with Mrs Ashton completing an audit and creating an action plan. We will be creating our own promises that we will be keeping in order to help contribute to becoming a plastic free school.  Our main focuses will be:

  • - What did we do before plastic?
  • - What happens to plastic after ‘the bin’?
  • - Can we create a reusable product, using as little plastic as possible?
  • - Trash Mob – visiting places in the local community, collecting rubbish and creating a survey to see what common rubbish we can find. We will then be writing letters to local businesses or national businesses to explain what we have found and find out what they feel they could do about it.


Year 6 will be discovering what a journey through our body looks like. We will be visited by Mrs Day to perform a dissection. We will also work in groups to investigate the circulatory and respiratory systems. This half term, we will be looking more at diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle and the impact our choices can have on relationships and our bodies.

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All of the children in Year 5 and 6 will be given English and Maths homework weekly. This will include a variety of tasks, including spellings, to encourage the children to continue their learning at home. Children will be expected to complete at least three 20 minute readings per week; these must be signed by an adult at home to collect their stars.