Welcome to Year 6


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Theme-Led Curriculum

Year 6 will begin with exploring the Viking era. This will involve using artefacts to discover what daily life was like. We will be finding out where the Vikings originated from and why they came to invade England. As part of this learning, we will be thinking about Whitby and the attack on the abbey. Kings and their battles will be discussed to determine how the Vikings came to an end with the Normans.


In year 6, our challenge is focused on ‘Could you be the next X Box apprentice?’ The focus of this unit is electricity.  We will identify and name the parts of a simple circuit and investigate how the function of different components, e.g. brightness of a bulb, the volume of a buzzer can be changed. 

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All of the children in Year 5 and 6 will be given English and Maths homework weekly. This will include a variety of tasks, including spellings, to encourage the children to continue their learning at home. Children will be expected to complete at least three 20 minute readings per week.  

KS2 SATs Papers 2021

The Department for Education's intention is for all existing primary assessments, including KS2 SATs, to return according to their normal timetable in the 2020/21 academic year. Year 6 pupils will sit these papers from Monday 10 May to Thursday 13 May 2021. 

The SATs are a series of standardised assessments for pupils, aimed at testing their learning progress. The children will sit tests in:

  • English Reading
  • English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
  • Mathematics

These tests will be both set and marked externally, and the results will be used to measure your child’s progress and the school’s performance. Your child’s marks will be used in conjunction with teacher assessment to give a broader picture of their attainment.

More information will be provided.